What No One Tells You About Blogging

Now that you’ve started your blog, and you’re filling it up with posts and working towards getting impressions, clicks and views, you’re starting to notice a few things.
We’re going to explore a few things that no one actually tells you about blogging

It’s Hard Work!
… Inhale, exhale… This gig is tough.

After you’ve discovered that you have to fill your blog with a fair few posts before you can launch it (so that you have content for your viewers to read), you start to notice that it starts to take a toll on you.

You’re finding that you’re staying up later, or getting up earlier because you really want this to work, and you’re getting tired, and moody, and snappy and when he doesn’t put the toilet seat down you want to strangle him, or when she doesn’t understand that you’re exhausted and you just want to scream…

It’s going to happen. Then you’re going to second guess yourself as to why you’re doing this, and whether it’s worth it. You might get slack posting and wonder why you’re not getting views…

And on top of all of this, you actually have to find the time to do everything that you need to do for both your online and offline life, to make yourself a success…

Time Taker.
Sitting at your laptop for at least an hour typing out a blog post or two seems fast, simple and easy, right?

Well yes, it is, but once you put it on top of your daily job, mandatory housework and jobs you do when you get home, and the little (?!) things like making yourself/your family dinner take time, and in turn, take away the time that you need to actually sit and write.

No one tells you how much time it may take to write a single post, because sometimes even though you have the best intentions to write a 500-word piece, you just can’t find the right words or the number of words to finish within the timeframe you’ve set yourself.

Either that or you just can’t. You’re exhausted from the day and know that you need to post but you just don’t have the energy.

Patient Pat
We’ve said it before in one of our posts, that we all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day… So neither can your website’s success.

It’s going to take a lot of patience to get to where you want to be, and you’ve got to start from the bottom to get to the top.

We’re sure that there are many stories out there that relate to this topic, but it’s from those that have been mediocre within their success before finally taking off that makes you realise that things don’t just happen.

Success stories like that of Steve Jobs, who popped into the spotlight after his mass success stated that “If you really look closely, most overnight success took a long time”. Which was certainly the case for him.

Remember that there is always a LOT of background hard-yards put in before a success story is made. Don’t expect to be a millionaire in a week if you’re not willing to work hard.


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