How to Build Your Traffic

There are many methods that you can use to build your traffic throughout your platforms, but as usual, we’re just going to explore a few.

Joining Relevant Groups
Being part of this is sort of thing is something that can be done through Facebook, Reddit Forums and other sites, where you are able to join into the conversation of a group to learn and get an insight on what others are doing to achieve their success.

You will also be given the opportunity to begin forming relationships with individuals or businesses on those sites that may be able to assist in furthering you and your ambition and success.

In doing this, you’re also giving yourself a great reputation – given that you treat your peers the way you’d like to be treated – which can create a great atmosphere around your business, increasing the number of people talking about you, which will lead to (hopefully) more traffic.

Social Media Posting
This is one of the trickier forms of building traffic because you have to be extremely wary of the way that you go around it.

Just posting whenever, wherever you want just won’t do. You have to gauge your audience and determine when they’re most active and what they’re going to want to see, rather than just spamming people with posts and links to where you want them to go.

There is a fine line between being persuasive and being downright annoying, and you don’t want to be the latter. Create a friendly environment that will entice your audience to see what you’re all about, rather than repel them.

Direct Communication

Talking to others that are within your niche is one of the most fruitful things that you can do to grow your business and build your traffic.

Creating yourself a good repour is something that you want to start early so that you can obtain as much insight as you can to help yourself, and your blog to grow.

Although we’ve already mentioned the forms of communication through Facebook and Reddit, the ultimate place to go is on your own target platform (e.g. WordPress) and search for blogs that do what you do, or are in the same niche/genre as you.

Communication with these creators is one of the greatest things that you can do because you will find that they’re already experienced and have been in the position that you’re in, and therefore will be able to provide you with invaluable information and ways to increase your traffic that you would otherwise never know.


There are most certainly other ways to build traffic, but communication is one of your greatest tools, don’t underestimate it!


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