Financial Habits You Need To Get Rich (Part 3)

The last instalment of this series focuses on teaching yourself, and learning how to do things that will benefit you, rather than others.

Learn How to Invest
This is one of the greatest assets that you can either teach yourself, or learn from the best.

Knowing how to invest your money to make more, or to increase its value in other ways is a great way to start making money that you never thought that you could.

Things like buying something that you can lease out the wider community (like a trailer) is a good example… you may have to pay a bit of money for the trailer in the beginning, but if you work it right, and you have people renting it every day for a set fee, you’ll find that you make your money back sooner than it took you to make it in the first place!

Stocks, the trade market and the virtual stock trading are other profitable places to make some extra money, and of course, there is always a start-up (however much less than an asset) and the rewards are slower to be seen.

But although this is the case, there are generally always rewards, given that you do your research…

Never Stop Learning, Researching or Reading
You may think that heck, you haven’t read an actual book since you left school, that reading is for nerds, or it’s just not for you cause it makes you sleepy; but once you realise that most of the more wealthy people in the world have never just sat back and waited for their fortune, you should start to think differently.

Those that want to be successful work hard to be where they are today, whether that be putting in long hours or dedicating an hour of a morning or night to reading a book based on their niche or interest area.

If you’ve read some of our other posts about good habit making, you’ll know that it takes 66 days to make a good habit. If you begin to get yourself into good habits (such as reading and researching) you’re likely to become addicted to knowledge and never want to stop, which is GREAT!

Don’t Focus On Other People
This is one of most people’s biggest downfalls – worrying what other people are doing, rather than what they’re doing.

Examining what your colleagues are doing to get them a promotion can be good, but once you’ve realised what that is, don’t focus on it, telling yourself that that’s what you have to do to keep moving forward.

You’re not a clone of them, you have to find your own strengths and weaknesses within yourself and work hard in these areas to make yourself stand out. Once you’ve done this, you may find yourself on top of the podium.

Sometimes it’s hard to think outside the box, or even begin to work out which direction you should take yourself to make more money, and that’s quite okay.

Begin researching (and reading posts like these) to try to set you in the right direction!

Don’t forget you’re always welcome to email us for help!



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