Wrong Ways to Get Views

Now that you know how to build a website, and keep a high traffic ratio the right way, we’re going to touch on the wrong ways of getting views to make sure that you’re not going to be one of those people.

To begin with, the single most unappealing and impractical way of getting views is to visit your own site. This can be through a search engine or any forms of social media and gives you a false insight on how many people your site is actually reaching, as well as its success rate.

How else??
Another way that people try to increase their views is by dropping links to their page on every platform that they can, that may have any relevance to their niche.

This sort of thing can be done on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. and it -more often than not- hinders your chance of getting real subscribers and the audience that you are aiming to obtain for your site.

Those audience members that are bombarded by and exposed to the links you’ve posted everywhere, are less likely to click through because of the irritating behaviour that you’re displaying, and they’ll feel as though your content is just spam.

No-No Number 3
There is also the misleading or meaningless use of social media, where people intentionally join promotional pages or groups (on Facebook for example) simply just to get views or subscribers.

This is all well and good if the readers that you’re asking for views from are legitimately interested in your content, will read it and continue to come back to your site.
However, most don’t care and are just in it for their views on their site.

For example, have you ever heard of anyone posting a status of ‘like for like’, where if you like their profile picture (or post etc.) and they’ll like yours in return? This is very much the same – people view your content whether they care for, like it, or not and therefore, once they’ve done it, you’re expected to do the same for them.

All of these forms of obtaining a higher view percentage to increase your numbers etc. are useless to you, and pointless for your growth into the future.

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