Making More Money: Part 6

Right here, right now, it comes to an end, the finish of our passive-income ‘Making More Money’ series, so here’s our last nail, based around making money from your own, home-made, online courses.

For this type of thing, you’ve either got it or you don’t. What we mean is that you’ve either got the knowledge that people are searching for, or you’re one of the few thousand that know all the same thing, like how to ride a bike – in other words trying to sell ice to the Eskimos.
Creating an online course is something that is simple and easy if you know your stuff, but it just takes time, so. much. time.

-Starting your course is going to be daunting, but the first step is to research. Check out other people’s courses, you might find some free ones within your searches that you can check out the structures of and their content etc. It’s important to bounce your ideas off these, so that you know that you’re going to be on the right track when it comes to writing yours.
-The next step is to brainstorm your content. The main point to this is to remember that you don’t have to go big or go home with this sort of thing. The best way to start is to have a broad topic, break it down into smaller topics and focus on just one of those topics. All the first course has to be is a few videos and some question sheets.
Breaking down the courses is also a psychological hack for you, so that you’re not so overwhelmed with the amount of content that you have to put into the course – it’s not as daunting and you can fit more into the smaller parts without fear of boring your audience with a huge chunk of writing.
-After you’ve completed your first course, get feedback, ask friends and family, a trusted fellow course-maker to help you out on your structure, content etc. which will help you for your next one.
-Gradually build up your content, feeding your clients more and more information – we like to think about it like our series’ on this blog (like Making More Money) because in every Part, we give you another few ways to create passive income… does that make sense?

This is the trickiest part of the whole process: selling your courses. Unfortunately, just because you made it, doesn’t mean it’s going to take off and be an overnight success, you have to navigate people to you, your content, and then your courses. To start with, you’re going to need a site to sell your course on, so you’ll need to get onto that quick smart. Then, from there, the best ways to make sales are:
-YouTube -> Site
As we spoke about in Making More Money Part 4, YouTube is one of the quickest-growing platforms, don’t waste it! Get yourself a channel and put some 5-minute videos of your content on there, start getting views, increase your views by pushing them from your blog, or any other social medias that you have through your videos, continuously remind people that if they want to learn more to go and buy your course.
-Blog, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram… Any other platforms that you have -> Site
This is exactly the same as YouTube, they’re just completely different platforms. If you have great content on these sites, you’re bound to rack up a good following – from here is where you start to push your traffic to that one beautiful little site that will generate you some good cash for such little work.
Hot tips from us:
-Always stick it out
-Always keep your content interesting
-Always direct your traffic to where you want them
-Never lose hope

Thanks so much for tuning into our Making More Money Series!
If you need to get in contact with us about anything, don’t be afraid to drop us a line at, or in the comments…
(We also have YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter if you want check us out there!)



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