Your Habits VS Yours Bank Account

Have you ever wondered how much you really spend on fast food? How much that Ice Break sets you back each month?
All the easy, tasty options are convenient, but costly to not only your overall health in most circumstances, but your weekly/monthly budget.
It’s easy to think that one splurge here and there won’t be too bad, and that you really need that extra kick to get you through the day, but maybe there are other options…
Been sitting at your desk all day? Get up and go for a 10-minute walk, stretch out for 10 minutes do something physical to get your body moving and increase the woke level of your brain. Just been to the gym? Grab a water and relax for 10 minutes to let your body recover.
It’s all in the mindset of how you portray your mood, your energy levels and how you think you can combat these things.
If you’re certain that you need a Big Mac to fill the gaping hole in your stomach, sure, get in your car, drive to Maccas and get one. See how long it sustains your hunger (or boredom) for before you open the fridge in search of something else.
However, the next time you feel that urge, check in to the supermarket and get yourself a loaf of bread and some toppings, some meat and cheese, tomato, mayo and maybe some spinach if you’re feeling it and whip up a sanga when you get home.
Not only have you fed yourself for a week, but you’ve given your body something wholesome to process and use for a prolonged period of time.

Let’s break it down:
A drive to McDonald’s costs you your fuel – ($3.00),
Your Big Mac meal, and you’ve devoured it in 5 minutes – ($10.50),
Then your drive home again – ($3.00).
That’s already $18.50, for one meal.

Meanwhile your loaf of bread and toppings costs you around $20
And you’re fed for a week, and your fuel of maximum $5.
That’s $25.00 for 9 sandwiches that your body and bank will thank you for later,
Compared to if you grabbed a Big Mac or equivalent twice a week which would cost you around $37.00.

What about if you grabbed an Ice Break every day for a week?
That’s $2.50 (if they’re on special) seven days a week = $17.50, from there, that amplifies to a minimum of $52.50 in three weeks.
If you cut down your intake to maybe 3 a week, that would be $7.50 a week, and $22.50 over three weeks, which would save you $30.00… Need I say more?

With that $30.00 you can look towards putting it away. You might want to get into the stock market, maybe start saving for a holiday, treat yourself to a day of pampering, maybe towards a slab if you have an event coming up. Every little bad habit adds up over time, it’s time to get out of them and reward yourself with something a lot more special than the taste of wasted money

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