The Complete Guide to Blogging: Part 7

To finish this series with, we’re going to complete a bit of an overview/conclusion of the 6 parts that we’ve explored…

To start with…
Niche and topics:
-These have to be succinct and well thought out, there is no point in starting something that you don’t know anything about, or you’re only half-heartedly into.
-Choose a passion, something that you’re going to want to learn more about, something that you’ll go out of your way to find more information to feed to your readers…
-Make sure that your topics are also always relevant to your niche, and that they are coordinated will together so that there are no overlaps
-Keep your information and content up to date, valued and evergreen (fresh and new) is vital to the engagement of your audience and to keep them interested and coming back.

Platform/Domain Name:
-These two parts are two of the more permanent things that you’ll do for your blog…
-Once you’ve chosen your platform you’re basically stuck there with your blog unless you can be bothered making a whole new one with a different platform, so choose wisely.
-Make your domain name and the name of your blog the same. It’s sensible, easy, and saves confusion for your readers and will evidently increase your traffic.
-Make your name legible and easy to remember. Don’t choose something crazy like when you have the choice for anything, the aim is to get traffic to your blog, don’t make it hard for people to find you.
-It’s ideal to get your blog in a .com form

-So this is something that will take some nutting out, to determine exactly what the content is that you are going to be focussing on throughout your posts, and the focus tabs you want to have on your blog, but its worth.
-You want to make your website as easy to navigate as you can, so make sure that you have relevant tabs to your content as well as descriptive, to the point tab names so that your audience don’t have to find their own way around your site, it’s just there in front of them.

-The design of your page is critical to your success throughout your blogging time, if you have the wrong design you’re likely to lose traffic. If it’s hard to navigate (one of the biggest factors), is harsh on the eyes, or doesn’t match your content are just three reasons why the design is so important.
-Your aim is to engage those who come to your site, so draw them in with a simple, delicate appearance with expressive text if that’s the content you have (such as a nature blog) or a simple colour palette, with plain text for something like a business blog.
-Having a logo is the best way for viewers to recognise who you are and can pick you out of a crowd.

-Best form of traffic increaser. Once you’ve studied your analytics and determined your keywords and what your audience are searching for; you can update your previous posts, as well as writing your future posts around those specific words which will increase your likelihood of getting on that front page of results on Google

And Lastly!
Making Mistakes
-Mistakes are the pathway to success, make them, learn from them, and then earn from them.


The most important thing to keep in the back of your mind is that most things can be changed, edited or tweaked, so don’t freak out when you’re not going as well as you think – there are plenty of ways to get up and going again!
That’s the end of our 7 Part Series of A Complete Guide To Blogging; we hope it helped and you’re crushing your goals one after the other from here!


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