The Complete Guide to Blogging: Part 6

This part of the instalment is about learning from your mistakes. There is no better way to learn than from your own failures. Not only does it make you a stronger person, but it increases your knowledge, skills, and mental strength to carry on.
There are so many forms of mistakes that I can talk about, however, they’ll all be focussed on your blog – for obvious reasons.

1. Niche/Topic/Evergreen Content.
Looking back on our Part 1, we stressed the importance to choose your niche extremely wisely, as well as your topics and continually having ‘evergreen content’… This is all still very true, but you need to know that there is certainly no shame in the failure of getting off the ground with your subject of interest – there is always room for improvement and most certainly, change.
Nothing on your blog is set in stone, and it would be foolish of anyone to think that it is. Knowing that although you’ve tried your best to launch your subject and accepting that it didn’t work out the way you planned is the first step to getting better. As we said before, nothing is set in stone, so you’re able to alter and change little things to make your site more trafficked whether that be a change in your niche or your topics. As for your content, it is always best to keep it simple, but always current, sometimes all you have to do is edit a few words in a post to keep if ticking over, or you may even be able to republish it with an updated section to increase it’s content.

  1. Content/Pages
    To put it bluntly, you will never get this right from the get-go. Between our last post and this post, you may have noticed that our blog isn’t the same (we made mention in the previous post to the pages that we had – yeah, well, we changed them!). We’re constantly picking up little things that can be done better, things that can be changed. We do a lot of analysing of analytics and statistics for our social media’s to learn where we went wrong and where we can fix things to increase engagement and visitation.
  2. Design/Appearance
    Touching on the first paragraph again; remember that there is no right and wrong, there is nothing set in stone and things can always be changed and modified to suit you. The key to you success through failure is to own it – make your mistakes work for you, make your blog unique.
    Design and appearance are two of the easiest things to change, so if you think it’s just not working for you anymore, absolutely don’t be afraid to change it!
  3. SEO
    This is where it gets tricky – SEO is super hard to understand, and takes the right portals to get it going and get it right. However, once you understand it, you’ll be at the top of your game.
    Don’t be afraid to play around with it, ask questions, watch YouTube videos etc. to get a grasp and learn all you need to. Find your relevant, keywords and you’ll be on top.
    Mistakes in SEO are guaranteed, just be prepared to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and jump straight back into it.

There’s no better way to learn than from trial and error, from making mistakes and persisting until it’s perfect.

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