Should You YouTube?

Now that you’ve got your blog up, running, and attracting all the traffic, you want to start a YouTube channel to compliment it? Cool, give it a go!

However, I’m going to stop you right here, and make sure you’re aware of some of the things you may need to ask yourself before beginning this journey.

Is Your Topic Relevant?
I understand that you’re going to be creating it to compliment your blog, but is the content of it going to be what people are searching for?

Remember that YouTube is now one of the fastest growing search engines in the world, because teaching yourself how to do things with a video is so much easier than reading. Always keep this in mind.

Who is Your Target Audience?
Already having an audience that you want to focus on is what you want to aim for when you’re starting a YouTube channel.

For example, a Make-Up artist has an extensive audience of women, as many of them want to know how to perfect that darn winged eyeliner, or how to contour their face correctly.

Younger women is the target audience for most beauty vloggers, as they seem to be the ones that know how to use YouTube to find what they’re after.

What Equipment Will You Need?
Although it might be okay just to use your webcam for the beginning, just to get your viewed hours up to the required amount, but you have to think for the long run – will you need a specialised camera, a microphone, some extra lighting? Depending on what your focus is, you may even need a little electronic sketch pad.

These types of accessories aren’t cheap, and you need to realise that you won’t be making money from the very beginning to fund these purchases.

These things will increase the quality of your video, which will hopefully, in turn, increase the traffic that you get to your videos because of your

Do You Know Someone?
One of the best ways to get into the YouTube hall of fame is by knowing someone already there.

Having the ability to ask for help, as well as a possible shout-out on a video or two of theirs can always help you out, especially if they’re willing to do it for you.

There is also always the ability for you to communicate with others already in the industry, so that you can create relationships if you don’t have any knowledge of anyone in the industry.



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