The Complete Guide to Blogging: Part 4

Okay, sweet, so you’ve got most of the background information/behind the scenes stuff down and ready to go, now it’s time to focus yourself on the aesthetics of your blog – because honestly, who likes looking at a boring, simple webpage?

The first thing to do is to choose a design that’s fitting to your page. This can be done by scrolling through the never-ending choices that you’re given, or you can create your own (heads up – some websites may charge you for this). To have a successful blog, it’s important to have an engaging, relevant design so that it’s not confusing for readers when they enter your site. For example – if you have 15 different tabs to choose from to find information, it’s going to be a huge turn-off for those that want a quick, simple answer, or just the ability to find something specific on your page to start with… Basically, what we’re getting at is that your design has to make sense, and be negate-able for absolutely anyone (that’s why we’ve chosen three information headings with a home, about and contact page – we’re sure that you’re able to find information with that setup, right? (let us know if you can’t!).

The next thing that you’re looking to perfecting is the overall appearance. You want to make your page as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as you can so that it will draw your traffic in. Make it relevant to your content, from your colour scheme to the font of your writing… Think about it like this; imagine if we had a pink and purple background with flowers, and butterflies, and pretty scrolls plastered over our Investercon blog… How confusing would that be for you and the rest of our viewers? You’re coming to us for business, finance and other technical advice, and you’re greeted with a heading in scrawled handwriting…if it was me I’d be triple checking what the content was to make sure that it wasn’t a site for top 100 baby girls’ names or a cupcake wholesale site.

Your logo is the last thing that you have to create, whether you choose a ready-made generic one, do it yourself or get a graphic designer to create one for you, it’s important to have one so that you can stand out from the crowd. Having a logo is crucial to your blog, because from there, you can use it for any other branches that you choose to grow – whether that be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or any other platform of your choosing. Having one unified logo is one of the best ways to keep traffic flowing through your platforms, because all they have to do it check for it to make sure that they’re in the right place.

If you’re able to get all of these done and you’re certainly on the right track to having a great little blog to start you off… And remember, most of these things aren’t permanent, you can make little tweaks and changes as you go to make your blog perfect!




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