The final instalment of Destress Your Life is here and ready to blow your socks off! We’re just going to launch straight into it from here, starting with…

Stop Filling the Calendar:
It’s so easy for us to do, go to that 1st birthday party, and say yes to lunch with an old school friend, book yourself in for a few fitness classes, schedule five meetings on three different days, not to mention soccer and netball practice for yourself or the kids… You have to learn to say NO!
Make little cushions on the calendar that you purposely leave blank for some ‘me time’ or some family time. It’s not fair on you to be rushing around 24/7, nor is it fair on anyone else within your close family. You don’t need to be so busy – I’m sure you can reschedule a meeting or two, and lunch for a much less busy time. On top of this, give yourself extra time to do certain things – if it’s going to take you 20 minutes to get to work, give yourself 30, you never know what the traffic or roads are going to be like

Accept People For Who They Are:
This is one of the biggest things that people struggle with, is accepting Barbra* for the nasty, nasal-y garbage bag that she is, or Theo’s* little hippie vibe that he’s got going on, and learning to accept it and work with them to the best of your ability. It’s not about who they are as a person, it’s about what they can provide to you. It’s no good sitting around moping about something someone said two hours ago – it’s time to call it quits on that negativity, you don’t need it in your life!
Accepting someone for who they are is something that you will struggle with, especially if you’re one to sit in the park or on the beach observing people in their own environment, but it’s worth trying, getting to know someone you thought was rather queer might be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Be Grateful.
If someone opens the door for you, don’t forget to say thank you, if your little one helped you with the dishes, thank them. It takes a kind person to grow a kind person, it’s so important to spread this vibe around, especially at the moment. It takes no time to give a little smile, nod, or say a quick thank you to not only make someone’s day but to make you feel that little better.

Kiss Them.
If you’ve got a significant other, let them know you love them, give them a kiss when they least expect it, show your affection towards them.
Not only does it make them happy, it makes you happy by releasing endorphins (the chemicals that counteract stress and depression)

This is the last, yet such an important point. Even a silly little smile, like a giggle under your breath can help you handle stress. Run that joke that was told 20 minutes ago through your head and have a good little smile to it. You’ll be shocked how much it works.

We hope that a few of these handy little hints help you out, there are so many things that you can do to reduce your stress levels, let us know your favourites!

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