The Complete Guide to Blogging: Part 3

So, now that you’ve got your niche, your topics, your platform and your domain name, the next phase to the creation of your successful blog is going to be focussed around the content of your blog.

The first thing that you have to do before launching your website is to thoroughly plan your content.
By doing this, you’re enabling yourself to get the best start that you can – if you don’t plan, you’ll get behind in your posts, and before you know it, you’ll have reduce the quality of your content and in turn, decrease the amount of traffic that you’ll get because of poor planned and filled articles, and that’s not what we want.
The best way to do this, we’ve found, is to get a great big whiteboard and write everything on it, do a huge brain storm and take progressive photos. The reason we like this method so much is because it’s as crazy as your brain wants it to be, you can rub stuff out without it being super messy, and it’s super-effective to jot down anything that you think about 10 minutes after you think you’ve finished. Don’t get me wrong, however – there are so many ways that you can plan – write it down in a book, type it on a laptop, an iPad… anything you want, anywhere you want, and anytime you want. It’s your baby to grow and evolve, therefore you do it how you want to.
Remember, your content is why you’re building your website. Take pride in it, give it your time, give it your patience and give it your love – you’ll soon see your blog prosper from it.

The next thing that you have to do is to determine what you’re going to have as your important pages. You’ve got your topics sorted, and now that you have your content, you have to divide each of your topics and your content into different sections or headings.
To do this, we found the easiest way was to divide our content into three specific brackets, and from there, down into age brackets for one section in particular. We decided that it was easiest to have these three sections along with a home page, about page, and contact page (which are all vital in your blog).
You’ve got to provide your readers with a background to your page, a snapshot of your dreams, goals and aspirations, and most certainly where you’ve come from and why you’ve started your blog. On top of that, you’ve got to give them some place to contact you, whether it be for people to reach out to you for help, for guidance, or to possibly team up with you for a post or two, having that information on your site is vital for your growth.
Your home page is also an important aspect of your blog – it’s the first thing that people will see when they enter into your website – it has to be eye catching and engaging from the start. If it’s not, most people will just use that back button and get right back out of your site.
Making your blog easy to manoeuvre around will be the ultimate success.

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