How to Increase Website Traffic

So, now that you’ve created your blog, you’re going to want to get it busy, right?

Easy done!

There are many ways to increase your website’s traffic, but within this post we will be exploring a few ways to build your website traffic and keep it increasing. You may find that some of these ways to building a well-trafficked site may not even take much time or effort at all!

Step 1: Have an Appealing Name.
If you read through our blog creating part series, you would have found that there was a section dedicated to the naming of your site.

Your blog needs to have a catching name so that people will remember you over anyone else. You want to keep it short and simple so that it’s easy to spell, pronounce and remember,

Step 2: Keep Active
Staying on top of your posts is the one of the most critical things to do if you’re striving to be a heavily-trafficked site. Posting at least once every day is a good way to keep your content up to date, evergreen and interesting for your readers.

Step 3: Link Others’ Pages to Your Page
If you’re in a very competitive game with many others blogging and posting about the same topic as you, don’t try to outdo them, straining yourself to do better in every aspect… Join them!

Get into contact with page admins, the creators etc. and work together to grow each other’s sites. You can do this by linking their relevant pages to that of your own, in posts that are on the same topic, and request that they do the same for you.

By doing this, you’re not only networking, but you’re creating a good relationship with different sites and people who may be able to bring you up a long way from where you’re sitting today.

Step 4: Help Others
Although you think it’s not for you – talking to people one-on-one, but it’s definitely worth trying. If you’re not able to communicate well with your readers then you’re not likely to keep people engaged.

Encourage people to comment on your posts, or offer an email address for them to refer their questions to. If you’re giving these options, traffic is more likely to find you through word of mouth of your current audience.

Step 5: Create a Discussion Page
You may think that this sort of thing is a waste of your time, but it’s worth working towards. Creating a discussion page is a great way to start something big.

You want to be able to create a reason for conversation through your posts, and then ask your audience what they think about certain aspects of your article. Creating a place for people to voice their opinion is one of the best ways to do that, rather than just getting them to think about their answer, they’re able to write it down and get feedback for it.




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