The Complete Guide to Blogging: Part 2

This second part of our Complete Guide to Blogging is crucial to your success. Choosing your platform and domain name is one of the most important, most fundamental parts of the beginning of your blog.
In our opinion, choosing your platform is basically an eenie-meenie-miney-moe choice between the three better forms of blog base – WordPress (which is what we use), Squarespace and Wix, however, we’re sure that there are others out there that are just as good. The best way to make your choice is by doing your own research into each of the sites and finding which one works best for you/which one you find to be the most user-friendly. You may also find that it’s also a good idea to check out which platforms are the most popular, so you know which ones to target if you’re not going to be keeping a blog with each of the sites. The key to choosing your platform is honestly based on your personal preference, and having the ability to work with what you’ve chosen.
Alternately, it’s extremely important for you to choose wisely when you’re selecting your domain name – this is what’s going to stay with you for the duration of your blogging life. If you choose poorly, you’re going to either regret it as much as you regret your 10-year- old self’s email address, or you’re going to have to pay some $$ to get it changed…

Choosing the right domain name for you can be difficult, especially if you haven’t defined exactly what your blog is going to be focussed on (that’s why it’s so important to settle on a niche), however, if you know what you’re leaning towards doing, then it will be a much simpler task. Our first tip it to explore domain names before you even consider naming your blog/webpage. This is purely so that you don’t get your sights set on a specific name only to find out that the domain name isn’t available (meaning you have to pay big bucks if they owner of the domain name is willing to sell it, or crush your hopes and dreams of being able to have that certain name).
The next, most blatantly obvious tip that we can give you is to select a domain name that is the same as your page name – it goes without saying. If someone is thinking of your website, they’re going to search the name of your site, rather than the domain name, therefore the best thing to do is to name both your page and domain the same thing, to increase the traffic to your site.

Think of it this way, what if Facebook’s site name was Facebook, but its domain was Chances are if you search for the beloved social media site, it would be tougher to find unless you remember and type in every time… so it just makes sense to name the both of them the same.

The only other tips that you really need to know about your domain name is to try to get a .com ending for your site and try to keep it simple – try not to have a hyphenated name, an extremely long name, or a difficult name to remember.
Stay tuned for our next post in this series!

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