5 Tips for People in Their 20s (cont)

Following on from our last instalment of 5 Tips for People in Their 20s, this article will focus on taking risks, as well as taking care of your body. These are two important subjects that will help you to become more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

Tip 4: Take Risks. When we say this, we don’t mean playing chicken on a highway, or bungee jumping, we mean to take risks with your money. You know that saying ‘you’ve gotta risk it to get the biscuit’? Well, it’s true – if you want to make some more pocket money, you have to be willing to take some sort of risk. For an example, it’s been proven that those who invest in the stock market -rather than just investing their money the bank – have come out on top in the long run. Their risk-taking paid off because they did their research and were able to choose the right stocks to invest into, and it paid off because the company became more successful. However it’s not always smooth sailing, the stock market fluctuates so often that it’s easy to lose hope, but stick it out for at least a year and remember, you can always sell and buy stocks as you want. For more info about investing, check out What Type of Investor Are You, the Making More Money series just as a start.

Tip 5: Take Care of Your Body. This is absolutely vital, if you have a sad body, you’ll have a sad head. And if you have a sad head then you’re not going to be at all productive. Taking care of your body doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy a gym membership and drink kale smoothies every day (I mean, you can do that if you like), but it can be as simple as changing your diet, going for a walk, drinking more water or simply just taking some time out of your day for you –sitting in a quiet place reading a book, meditating, or just relaxing, listening to your body.
Listening to our bodies is something that people so regularly forget to do, they forget to take notice of the obvious – that they need to sleep, to eat or to take a break from the screen for 10 minutes. Just doing this alone is a great start to taking care of your body, if you know what it wants, then you can provide it.
When we say providing, it doesn’t mean that if you’re tired at 10pm that you go to bed in another three hours, that’s not providing what your body requires. Think of it this way: if your body is telling you that you’re horny, you’re going to do something about it, right? Well, it’s the same with anything else that your body tells you – you’re hungry: eat, thirsty: drink, inspired: write, energetic: run, bored: find something to do. It’s really that simple. Listen to your body and provide it with what it requires to be happy so that you can be happy.

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