Back for more ass-kicking? Sounds good to me!
So, now that you’ve got 3 ways of how to destress your life down-pat, it’s time to add a few more to your collection to give a go, so I’m just going to just straight into it.

Stop Procrastinating
How many times have you put off doing something for the longest period of time just by fiddling at your desk, playing with something you found in the cupboard from years ago… Well, NO LONGER! It’s time to stop procrastinating. Remind yourself that there is always more to be done than what can be done. Are you getting the right things done?
– Break down the task that you’ve been putting off so that you start to feel less overwhelmed, and once you start accomplishing the little things, you’re more likely to keep going.
– Make your to-do list, then make a smart to-do list on top of that which is filled with all the things you’re avoiding, then set deadlines for them.
– Eliminate distractions and avoid temptations, turn the computer, phone, TV off. Teach yourself a lesson.
– Bargain with, and reward yourself, if you get this post done now, you can watch the cricket later.
– Focus on how you’ll feel once you’ve completed that blasted business plan – relieved, success, joy
– Scare yourself with consequences that will stop you from avoiding the task, whether it be no TV until you’ve finished, or not going out on the weekend, whatever will work for you.
– Ask for help. There’s no shame in asking for help, that’s what your peers are there for, help and support. Get them to come over and smash out the report, and afterwards, you can reward yourself with a glass of wine.
– Make your plans public, it adds more pressure for you to get it done but will be worth it to save your embarrassment when Joe asks you whether you’ve finished your writing piece from three weeks ago, and you have to reply with ‘no’.

Avoid Multitasking
Quit trying to do 10,000 things at once, sure you can listen to some instrumental music while you’re typing your essay, but don’t try to do that English essay while trying to complete a math problem and a biology questionnaire, and no, you may not still be at school, but the theory is the same, and it’s just insanity!
If you stick to one task at a time, it obtains your undivided attention and will get done faster, and to a higher standard.

Stop Saying ‘I Should’
There are so many instances that we think to ourselves “oh, I should be doing this”, or “I should be more like that”. Stop saying ‘I should’ and start doing those things that you keep beating yourself up over. Alternatively, are you doing things because you should, or because you want to? Once you define what you should and shouldn’t be doing, stresses start to ease.

Go on that darned holiday that you’ve been putting off for three years now. It’s not helping you to stay put, working day-in-day-out, dreaming about the things that you could be doing. Muster up the courage to ask Mr. or Mrs. Boss Lady whether you can have some of your annual leave so that you can take a break to refresh and start again.

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