Making More Money: Part 5

Another day, another update for our Making More Money: Part-Series… This article will be about Website and Domain Flipping as well as Freelance Writing. Throughout, there will be definitions and examples of what each are, and how to do them, and again, it will always depend on your skill set as to what is in your best interest to start making passive income through.

It’s always hard to come across something that is completely different that will teach you something along the way, as well as profiting you. But Website and Domain Flipping is something that I personally wouldn’t look into, cause the coding goes straight over my head, but for some of you it may seem perfect. Both website and domain flipping is the act of buying, enhancing and then selling the website or domain name for a higher price.
Think of it like a house, it’s a big trend at the moment for people to buy a house, spend 1 or 2 months to renovate/improve (flip) it before putting it on the market to be sold again. Website and domain flipping is a lot less expensive than this, however, but for the amount you spend, you can get hundreds or maybe even a few thousand for one domain or website.
Check out, or for more info on either of these (or just google it!).

Freelance Writing is another great, simple way to make yourself some side cash, given that you have some form of knack for words… and if not, you can certainly grow into it. The best way to get started in your writing journey is to start a blog, here you can develop your style, as well as your audience. As well as these two things, you can start earning money by simple ploys on your blog such as putting up a sidebar ad or two, or a donate button, as well as a ‘Hire Me!’ link for your audience so they’re aware that you’re a writer for hire and can get in contact with you.
Other money making practices are to:
• Pitch a guest post – a lot of blogs accept these, and most of the time, they blog owners pay you for these posts. The idea behind this is to familiarise yourself with, and write about specifics on the blog to increase the traffic on their site as well as yours.
• Write a Listicle – the definition of this from is “an informal term for an article made up of a series of facts, tips, quotations, or examples organised around a particular theme.” Popular, trending listicles are generally Top 10 Lists (or any number for that matter), most of which are ‘the best’ of something specific, for example: Top 10 Baby Names, Top 18 Trending Tattoos of 2018 or 30 of the Funniest Dog Videos on the Internet.
• Self-Publish Your Book
This comes off our ‘eBooks’ title in Making More Money: Part 2, any form of extensive writing – whether it be a travelogue, some short stories, or a novel, you’re able to be uploaded to Amazon’s ‘Kindle’ and get them published. You can even upload novels in chapter-parts!
Along with these uploads, make sure you tell everyone about their availability verbally, on your blog, and include ads about it on your blog too.
• Job Search
This is a pretty simple solution to making money is to land yourself a job. Sometimes all you have to do is submit a few applications and wait for a response, the best place to look for jobs going is at “Paid to Blog Jobs” which gathers all viable opportunities in one place for you.
There are so many other things that you can to do make money via freelance writing, think outside the box and come up with your own niche,
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