Everyone gets stressed here and there, some of us more than others, but how trashy does it make you feel? There are so many provoking factors that you come up against that you have to combat in some way or another, so we’re going to explore some of these in a part series. We’re going to start with three simple things that should get you on the right track to lowering your stress levels to a minimum.

Identify Your Triggers
This is one of the biggest factors in your de-stressing… Working out what’s stressing you out to start with. If you catch yourself worrying a lot about being on time, keep yourself a diary, set yourself reminders and leave a little earlier than you originally planned to, things like this will hopefully fix and eliminate your worries. Most of the time what we stress ourselves over the smallest, most insignificant things that there’s really no reason we should be in the first place. How many times have you been faced with a situation that will be perfectly fine but your brain manages to come up with a thousand ‘what if’ questions that make you question everything that you’re about to do?
You’ve got to find what triggers your stresses to be able to combat them. Take life back to its simplest form and ask yourself ‘why the heck am I worrying about this?’ When you can answer yourself, you’ll have the ability to smash that stress out of the ballpark.

Be Organised
Carrying on from identifying your triggers, work out what each of the catalysts of your stresses are, and what they can be combatted with – how can you prevent them from happening? Most of the time you’ll find that the stem of the problem is from being unorganised, just not knowing what you’re doing or when you’re going to do it. This can be contested with a bit of organisation, create a to-do list, give yourself timeframes and work towards keeping both of those in order throughout the day (check out Increase Your Productivity for more ways to be more organised). If you can give yourself more clarity, piece of mine, and peace in your mind that you can do everything that you need within a day, you’re less likely to stress about it.

Be Healthy,
There are so many massive benefits that you get from being healthy: a clearer mind, greater focus, increased energy levels, all that fun stuff!
It’s easier said than done, I understand that, but all you have to do is start. Things as simple as breathing properly is a great start to being ‘healthy’ and becoming more in touch with your body. Learning about how your body works and what it’s capable is one of the greatest achievements in life that even I’m still striving towards.
Other activities really depend on who you are as a person, if you’re not into running or grinding a session out at the gym, take up a class like Yoga or Pilates, check out the local walking tracks (nature is calming to the mind, body and soul), or simply just care about your diet more than letting your cravings for Donut King kick in.
The final key to unlocking your healthier lifestyle is sleep. Yes you have 1,000 things to do for work tomorrow and you just want to get 5 more things done tonight, and you have this, and that to do, as well as feeding the cat, fish, horse and the dog, as well as take it for a walk – you can get that done in 4 hours after work can’t you?… STOP!
Prioritise yourself, and your health. You need to sleep, we all know that, and it’s crucial that we get enough of it, otherwise we get lazy, moody, inefficient and burn ourselves out, and when this happens HELLO STRESS!  Don’t let the vicious cycle ruin you, I’ll be posting some more ways of kicking stress’ ass later in the week!

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