Acorns App

The Acorns investment app has been around for a little while now, I started using it about four months ago and can say I’m pretty much in love with it. Sitting with just under $300 in my account it’s been a joy seeing what I can do with the money that I don’t use and how quickly it can add up. My return is currently sitting on $12 which comes to about a 5% return on my low investment. I understand that doesn’t sound like much but it’s better than sitting in the bank or getting spent on an item that you don’t need.


I’m planning to invest another $300 into my account this week which will bring my account to just over $600, money which I’ve collected from another side hustle. I’m hoping this next small investment will help to grow my account at a faster rate.


When it comes the break down of the app it’s pretty easy to use; you put your bank details in and set up a weekly or monthly investment, it’s your own choice. I’ve started mine at $10 a week which I have now changed to $15 trying to keep my spending to a minimum. I do plan to change it to $20 after Chrismas as it will be easy to control them.


The ‘found money’ part of the app is one of the most interesting parts of the app as the company pays you for using their products, but the ideas is amazing, to say the least, With the growing list of company joining and big brand names like Woolworth and cotton on down the line this will be a driving point of the app.


Having the ability to control how to investment is ran weather you are risks taker and place your money is the highest risk account like me or just want a safe place for your money where you can’t spend it with the little risk you can place it in a low-risk category.


Having a handoff investment such as account can’t go wrong the worth thing that could happen if you don’t get a positive return and you lose $10 over the course of the year. Which is nothing to putting aside 100s of dollars that you would have wasted otherwise?

So why not help yourself get a jump start in life while you’re young, the money you save could help pay for college or even a small trip to a place you always wanted to go to.

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