Your Kids and Their Habits

Teaching your kids the right habits is the key to their greatness. But there are so many aspects of parenting that you have to think about right? Their health, manners, personal skills, their strength and resilience, all that sort of stuff… but have you ever thought about what you let them play and how that’s forming them? That’s what we’re going to be focusing on…

At a glance, what are your children’s top-played, most favorite games on their/your tablet or smartphone, and are they beneficial to their long-term learning? There are so many games out there, both hard (board games) and soft formats (apps and other electronically supported forms) that you can obtain for your kids to play to increase their awareness of business, stocks, money, spending, and creation. They’re specifically created to be fun, engaging and interactive so that the children are in an environment where they’re challenged to contemplate what they will do with their money and how it will affect them further on into the game.
Associative games such as Monopoly, Catan, Ca$hflow and Million Dollar Challenge are just some board games that relate to a real-world sense (check them out here: business-board- games/). If you encourage these forms of games and make them enjoyable to play, they will teach your kids how to be more money-wise and to really think about how they’re going to spend their hard-earned cash.


Alternately, stationary games such as those played on the PlayStation or Xbox like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto really just teach kids how to be violent and steal for a fun instead of being persuasive and influential. These sorts of games are not something that excels a child in any aspects, they aren’t created to help your children to get further in life or to for higher education where these business-like topics will become more prevalent.

Alternatively, there are multiples of apps that can be downloaded that focus on working to serve customers in an eatery to make money, or planting crops to create living off a farm that are also a great way to introduce your little ones to the real world, they have to think about how they’re going to make money, and if they get it wrong they don’t get paid, and can’t continue on until they’re fit and able to create the masterpiece that the game has asked for. It’s not all about a virtual world, however, make sure to take that world away from them for a period of time, turn the news on through dinner and see whether they take notice or ask questions.

Exposure to the world is important to kids, they need to know what they’re faced up against, how they can create a better place and change the world, one step at a time…
And remember, they need to be the ones to save us when we’re too old to run fast enough to escape!


Should You Join Membership Groups?

We at Investercon really, truly believe that you can never have too many membership cards! Although, yes, they’re bulky and you never have enough card slots for all of them, but there’s way around that! All you have to do is invest in a cardholder (eBay have some cool ones) to keep in your car or handbag, and every time you go into each shop you have a membership to, whip out the card and pop it in your wallet and once you’re done, pop it back in its spot in the holder!


Membership cards are the key to saving at your favorite, most frequently visited stores – given that they have one – and have proven to us that it really is worth having that extra piece of plastic in your pocket! Not only do you save your precious coin, but you’re on the email distribution list to be the first informed of the exclusive sales that the company is going to have, as well as offers that only members receive and competition options to win great prizes.
For example, recently I realized that I needed to update some of our gear to go camping and Anaconda had the best quality and prices, so I signed up to become an ‘Adventure Club Member’ and my gosh, I almost fall off my chair when I saw how much of a discount I would receive just for being a member! If I had of chosen the seat that I really wanted (that was $209.99), I could have got it for $119.00, and I scored an air pump for $15 down from $25! Being a member of things rocks! However, on the alternate, what about that gym membership you told yourself you’d use more often… for the last three years? Or that magazine subscription, the monthly ‘surprise box’ a subscription that you treated yourself to ages ago and just didn’t discontinue it… even your Lite‘n’Easy subscription you started, surely you can make all those meals by now, and you could
most likely do it a lot cheaper than what you’re currently paying.

So, in a way, memberships are great if they’re not costing you anything… But you have to be harsh on yourself when it comes to your weekly/monthly/yearly subscription(s). Do you really need it, are you using it as much as you could be, are you really benefitting from it, or are you just getting it because you can, because you’re too lazy to cancel it?