Saving Kings and Coupon Queens

Coupons and reward/loyalty cards are some of the most overlooked sources of savings and benefits that anyone could possibly be exposed to. There are so many rewards programs that people can join to reap great benefits from, such as Everyday Rewards, Flybuys, Velocity Frequent Flyer, and so many and so many more others. Coupons are less-likely known or physically collected by individuals to save money while doing their shopping, because of the time it takes, or the inability to find them useful, but they are super effective.
Always remember that any saving is a good saving, even if you don’t think it’s worth it, it all adds up in the end. Coupons: Okay, so this is a little far-fetched, but we’re hoping some of you have spent a sick-day on the couch and have watched ‘Extreme Couponing’? Those ladies literally use coupons to pay for their (usually monthly) grocery shop, and end up spending, at most, $20 for at least 5 huge trolleys worth of items. They can spend up to a full week, maybe more, planning what they need and collecting the coupons before they go out shopping. They are the absolute queens of couponing. On the minimalistic side, coupons are so great for saving on the things that you don’t usually think that you can. Things like your car insurance or service, holidays, vet visits and printer ink are just
some of the current coupons on the back of our receipts, but they change all the time, so it’s definitely worth keeping your eyes out for whatever you can utilize.
Alternatively, there are so many sites like or that you can access heaps of coupons from to save you a fortune, from online shopping to things like meal vouchers or reduce price experiences. Coupons are absolute gems.
Rewards/Loyalty cards:
Through these programs, you can redeem so many great opportunities, experiences and rewards just by being a member of the store. Whenever the checkout person asks you whether you have a membership card and you answer no, next time ask if you can sing up, it takes no more than 2 minutes and you never know, you might save yourself a fortune on something you’ve been eyeing off forever!

For example, most supermarkets offer a points system in which you can then use to redeem cool stuff like a soda stream, hair straightener, some top-shelf whiskey or even flights and accommodation or a new phone… and the greatest part about it is that you can choose whatever you want! Either this system is used, or you store your points on your rewards card until you get to a certain number (Woolworths is 2,000 points), and you get $10 off your next shop. Also, think about all those little promos like the ‘buy 5 coffees and get the 6th one free!’ cards that you can get at any good coffee shops, or any places that sell coffee! I mean, I know that means you have to buy 5, but if you can’t live without your daily Coffee Club fix, then something’s better than nothing, right?

Sidenote: It took way too long to write this post, I was so distracted checking out where to link you
guys to!

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