Making More Money: Part 2

Following on from Making More Money: Part 1, these ideas are some that are closely related but have subtle differences. We’re going to explore Affiliate Marketing, Peer-to-Peer Learning and eBooks to determine what’s different about them and how we can make each of them work in your favor.

Affiliate Marketing:
This is a focus that the blogger or website creator (you) concentrate on.

Affiliate Marketing is a focus on promoting certain products where the administrator can get a percentage of the cut if a product or service gets sold via their website.

It’s similar to that of a Blog or Vlog, however, it is more focused on the products on the page rather than the content.
For Example: If you owned a travel blog, a business approaches you and asks if you can promote the sale that they currently have on.

For however many people click through the ad and book a holiday, the business will pay you a certain percentage for your initiation of the sale of the holiday.

A site that you can explore for more information is Commissionfactory and can be found at the

Peer-to-Peer Learning:
The simple idea behind Peer-to-Peer Learning is giving what you already know to the broader community.

This is done by you creating an educational product such as an online course, podcasts, papers, or a series of DVDs or CDs. This creates a platform that initiates learning, however, the student has to pay you for your knowledge. Y

ou choose your price for your product/s, and if you’re good at what you do, and are as brainy as you think you are, you may get enough sales, and good reviews that you may want to create a new edition with more information and insight and charge more for that latest edition.

For more information on Peer-to-Peer Learning, see

On top of Peer-to-Peer Learning, eBooks are a new fad that are coming through the ages, where people are willing to spend a bit of money to buy a book that has a catchy blurb, or something that they may learn something from.

If you’re willing and able, or know heaps about a certain topic, you may be able to bring out the budding-author within you and write a form of book.

When you’re ready to publish your writing, it’s advised to sell it for free for the first two weeks while you build up a good repour and reviews with the community, they won’t pay for something if they don’t know what they’re reading about.

It’s best to use Amazon as your seller once you’re ready for publish, and once it’s done, it’s done, you don’t have to worry about it any longer. They pay a royalty of 70% on all books that are priced between $2.99 and $9.99, and pays out 35% for anything priced
below $2.99 and anything above $9.99.
This means that if you sell a book for $9.99 you get a minimum of $6.50 for it, if you sell 10 books you get $65.00, 100 books and you get $650.00, that’s not bad pocket money for a little bit of your
To check out some eBooks, go through Amazon:

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