How Students Save Money

Most of us have been to school, we all understand that being a student it can be hard to save money. Follow this post to understand how students can save more money.

Putting away $2 a day can create so many pathways throughout your future…
Worried about your retirement? Start putting $2 away every day.
Worried about a mortgage? Start putting $2 away every day.
Want to be able to take you and your partner, or your family away on a nice holiday? Want to buy a new laptop? Just want to save your pocket money? Put $2 away

It may surprise you how much difference a small gold coin can make to your future. There are so many success stories that come through the news, while you’re scrolling Facebook, checking your Instagram newsfeed, and yes, they all had their own way of creating their fortune, whether it be a following that turned into a global movement, a single act that turned to something much, much bigger than even they anticipated, or they just pursued their dream as hard as they could. Every single one of us can be one of those success stories, you just have to find yourself, and what you want to do.
For most, money is what we want, right? Well, here’s a way that you can have money, whether you’re a scrooge or a big-time spender, there’s always something that you can put away to make your future that little bit more secure.
Look at it this way: if you start putting away $2 a day when you’re 20, that will equate to $14 a week, $28 a fortnight, $70 a month, $840 a year, and $4,200 over 5 years… That’s a nifty little sum to be sitting on by the time you’re 25, just for putting $2 into a jar every day.
How do I make myself put away money?
One of the hardest things about saving money is getting started. There are so many questions, if’sand but’s around how you can afford to save money in this day and age, but there are also some simple answers…
Buy un-openable money tins:
These are absolutely brilliant, especially the huge ones! You can’t have any weak moments, and more importantly, you won’t have any grimy little fingers sneaking cash! Scatter them over the house. One in the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, the laundry (that’s where most of the
change ends up, right?!), don’t forget the car either!
Make it a family thing:
Additionally to the ones scattered over the house, buy a tin for each family member, write their name on it, colour code it, whatever works for you and put them in a central spot so you can monitor them. Express the importance of saving from a young age, and implement chores at home so that they have an incentive to work towards – they know they’ll get paid – but make sure they put part of it away.
Specifically give their pocket money to your kids in coins if you can, so that they have to decide what they’re going to do with it. It will surprise you how they think, and budget in their heads without even knowing it, and they might shock you when they’re a millionaire by the time they’re 35… All thanks to you!
Don’t have $2 on you?
Surely you have some form of cash on you, $0.50, $1.40, $5 note, $10 note? Whatever you have, put it into the tin. It’s better to put something in there than nothing. It’s all about that habit that you have to get yourself into for it to become a daily thing. It’s important to put something in that tin. Over time it will all even out, if you put 50 cents in there one day, maybe you’ll have $2.50 on you the next day and $1.50 the next, chuck it in and you’ve got yourself $5.50 in three days. It’s all about
routine and persistence. You’ll thank yourself later.

From putting away $2 away a day can also be drastically increased by compound interest. Don’t
know what that is? Check out the link below to read all about it

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